Men's Hats and Caps

Welcome to our men's hats and caps department. We have been stocking men's hats and caps in our shop in Galway city since 1991. We stock all the leading hat styles including men’s trilbys hats, fedoras hats, cowboy hats, bowler hats, pork pie hats, leather hats. We stock Irish tweed caps, flat caps, peaky blinders caps, baker boy caps, waterproof caps, caps with earflaps, leather caps and many other styles of caps in different fabrics. We only stock the best quality hat brands including Stetson Hats, Wegener Hats, Bugatti Hats, Kangol Hats, Jonathan Richards Ireland, The Hatman Ireland and many others.

On our website we showcase our Galway customer's most popular choices. Over the years we have been given great advice from men who enjoy wearing hats and caps and have listened to their feedback on fabrics, cuts and prints. Our collection has evolved from listening to what our male customers want.  All these styles have been tried and tested by our regular customers in store.  We hope you like the selection. Our website does not have the full range of hats and caps that we have in our shop in Galway City. For the full range come visit the shop. If you have any ideas or requests, let us know. Enjoy your shopping.