Ladies Faux Fur Hats

Ladies Faux Fur Hats

We have faux fur hats which look and feel like real fur. There is a complete collection of faux fur hat styles to choose from; the brimless cossack hat, the cossack style with an extra band around the crown if the cossack style is too severe on you and the faux fur brimmed hat for ladies who needs a fuller, bigger hat. We love our knit hats which have a faux fur band around the crown. These hats are a little more casual than a full faux fur hat. Our waxed cotton rain hat trimmed with a faux fur brim offers a glamourous looking rain hat. A new additional to our range this year is the cossack shape with has soft fleece earflaps – perfect for a very cold day. These earflaps can be worn down, to neatly cover the ears or they can be turned up inside the hat, out of sight. We have a small range our of ladies faux fur hats, if you would like to see the full range visit our shop in Galway City.

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Cable Knit Pull On with Faux Fur Trim -10%

Cable Knit Pull On with Faux Fur Trim

Black Purple

This Whiteley, faux fur cossack hat has a cable knit crown, with a band of faux fur around the brim...

€59.95 €53.96 Ex Tax: €43.87

Faux Fur Collar

Black Ivory Brown

This elegant faux fur collar sits neatly on the shoulders and crossed over at the front. There is a ..

€95.00 Ex Tax: €77.24

Faux Fur Hat -50%

Faux Fur Hat

This hat is made from an extremely soft luxurious faux fur. The crown and brim are a short hair faux..

€139.95 €69.97 Ex Tax: €56.89

Whiteley Faux Fur Cossack with Ear Flaps

Polar Navy

This Whiteley Cossack style hat is brimless. The crown of the hat is fleece and there is a..

€95.01 Ex Tax: €77.24