How To Find Your Hat Size

Our men's caps range in size from small to extra, extra large.  Most ladies hats come in one size only and this is usually a 57/58cm which is a size medium.

Hat size is usually measured in one of three different sizing scales; British, North American or European/Metric. British hat sizes are given in an imperial measurement of the diameter of the head in inches. Sizes usually range from 6 1/2 to 8. North American hats use the imperial scale however measurements are an eighth of an inch larger than British hats for the same size hat. European hat sizes use the metric sizing standard which is a measure of head circumference given in centimeters. We stock metric sizes from from 55 - 63cm.

To calculate your metric hat size measure the circumference of your head in centimeters. To do this take a piece of string, position it so that it rests just above the brow at the front of the head, touching the top of the ears at the side and around the back of the head. Pull the string so that it is taut but not too tight and take a measurement. Then measured the length of string against a ruler to determine the size.

If buying a gift for someone and they already wear a hat or cap, look on the inside label at the back of the hat or cap where the size is usually stated.


British (inch)U.S. (inch)European (cm)
6 3/46 7/855

6 7/8756
Medium77 1/857

7 1/87 1/458
Large7 1/47 3/859

7 3/87 1/260
Extra Large7 1/27 5/861

7 5/83/462
Extra, Extra Large7 3/47 7/863

If you have any questions about choosing a hat size please email