Irish Patch Cap

Posted by admin 26/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Irish Designers,

There are many companies making patch caps. We have compared them all and are happy to recommend this cap as the best patch cap on the market today. It is made from Irish tweed with passion and originality by an Irish company Jonathan Richards & Co. Ltd, Dublin. The attention to details and craftsmanship compare to none. Each cap is unique. Different swatches of tweed are selected for each cap. The combination always results in a low key, classic, traditinal coloured cap. The type of colouring an Irish man would wear. No loud orange or red patches. Each patch is carefully sown together and then pressed. There are no lumps and bumps as seen on other models of patch caps. Each cap is fully lined and proudly finished with a Jonathan Richards label. Jonathon Richards have been making caps in Ireland since 1924 and the experience shows when you look at the excellent design, shape and quality of their caps. At we are very proud to support the fine craftsman of Irish milliners.