Bobble Beanie Hat

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The bobble beanie hat has to be the most fashionable hat this season. I bought a range of bobble beanie hats four years ago. But Galway wasn't ready for them, I couldn't sell them at all! So I had an idea, I took the bobble off and was left with a plain beanie hat. I had them all sold within one month. Now, how the fashion has changed! Everyone will be wearing bobble beanie hats his season. Either invest in a new one or add a bobble to your own beanie hat this winter.


The bobbles come in different sizes and are made mainly from wool or fake fur. The classic wool bobble - do you remember learning how to make these at school? Cutting out two cardboard circles, with a smaller circle in the middle. Wrapping the wool tightly from the inside circle, around the cardboard, to the outside circle. Then when all the cardboard is covered with wool, carefully cut the wool between the two circles. Then place a string of wool between the two circles and tie it tightly. Cut away the cardboard and you have your wool bobble. Why not try making your own bobble beanie?


If you prefer the look of fur to wool invest in a faux fur bobble beanie hat. For a more dramatic look opt for large bobble. While the faux fur looks good when dry, I wouldn't recommend wearing it in the rain - these do not look good when wet. Keep your faux fur bobble beanie hat for crisp, cold and dry weather. 


When you have chosen the type of bobble you prefer then put some thought into the shape of beanie which suits you best. There are different lengths, types of knit and either a straight or turned up beanie. The length of a beanie hat varies. You can choose a longer length, sock beanie which flops to one side. Choose this longer length in a chunky knit if you have full hair or long, curly hair. If you have long straight hair, choose a longer beanie but in a finer knit which is not full and chunky. The shorter length beanie, in a fine knit is flattering if you have a small face. You can choose between a straight beanie or a beanie with a turned up cuff. In general if you have a small face and short hair choose a short, straight beanie. If you have a fuller face you will find a beanie with a cuff much more flattering.


Another important element when choosing the bobble beanie hat is getting the balance between the size of the bobble and the size of the beanie right. Getting the balance right between the width of the beanie and the size of the bobble is so important to get the overall look right. But you do not have to worry about this. I have spent hours sorting through hundreds of bobble beanies to choose the best styles. In the shop today we have prices to match all budgets and you can trust the shape and fit will be right. From €19.95 to €75.00, treat yourself to a bobble beanie this winter.

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